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Gerstenberg & Agger perfector 2+4 x 125


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1 pc. Perfector, Second hand. 
Manufacturer: Gerstenberg & Agger

Model:  (2+4)125

Capacity: Up to 2200 kg/hour puff pastry 
  Up to 4500 kg/ hour table margarines / liquid margarine
  Up to 6500 kg/hour shortenings
Working pressure: Up to 120 bar.  

Motor: 1 x 22,0 / 2x 37,0 kw. (3×380 V)

Valve types: Conical.

Droptank: Integrated in system.

Water heater: Integrated in system.
Incl. circulation pump, heating element and PT-100
feeler. (Designed for heating up product when is has been
freezed, due to production stop for a certain while, and
also for heating up the knives, in order not to freeze
to the rotor)

Cooling media: AMMONIA.

No. of cooling syst. Two.

No. of cooling pipes 6 pcs.
Dim of cooling pipes: Ø 125 mm
Requested cooling cap.: 180.000 Kcal per hour, by  -20C
CIP cleaning: The perfector is prepared for CIP-cleaning